Pricing of BIM & Design for an engineering project depends on many factors. The type of model (MEP, Architectural, Structural, others), the complexity of the project or facility, project type, gross area, as well as terms of completion and other factors to be negotiated with the client.

There are 3 pricing options.
Choose whichever fits your needs best.

Fixed hourly rate

This option is a pay as you go option and is a smart choice when a client is in the beginning stages of a project or when all the details of a project are not clarified. We will decide and manage how many and what type of employees will be required to handle the project and the client will be billed at a determined hourly rate.

Fixed project rate

Our team will estimate the amount of design revisions and drawing iterations on your project and provide you with a quotation. A client may complete a proposal with or without revisions, but having revisions included into a proposal is always helpful if you are working with other consulting authorities, or are getting approvals etc.

Outsourced team rate

Our team at Trident is well versed and experienced in many different types of software. Our engineers and 3D artists can join your team remotely on whatever web platform you wish. The pricing will depend on the proposed BIM design, as well as the number of BIM engineers, artists and time required.

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