We are a Building Information Modeling Company

Step into the future with BIM and Trident. BIM is a digital collaborative design process in which BIM engineers steer architects, builders, and companies through the construction of a building. It is an interactive process from start to finish, so that all the parties involved can see, advise, and add what is essential to the completion of the project. Our BIM team pays attention to the details and coordinates actions, processes, and construction all along the way. We are your navigators through the vast ocean of information in the Building Information Modeling sector.

We are responsible

We always finish projects according to the agreed with Client terms and conditions. Working with Trident, you can be sure you have chosen a reliable partner. We respect our relations with each Client and try to meet his needs.

We are cost effective

We keep our services rates slightly below the market average, which is attractive to customers from various areas of construction. Our target is to establish as many contacts with specialists in the construction industry around the world as possible for an efficient experience sharing.

We are client oriented

We respect our clients and keep developing new design strategies and services to meet the needs of our clients. We find ways to optimize features of your project, so that you get not only the best design but also the best value for the design of your project. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients informed throughout the entire process. Your satisfaction is our key priority. Your success is our goal. We pride ourselves with effective communication with the Client throughout the process

We are experienced

Our team consists of professionals with engineering design and modeling experience all around the globe. We cooperate with companies and private individuals from the USA, Canada, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australia, Middle East and Africa.

We are intelligent

We are not afraid of finding innovative ways of improving design. We believe that optimization of work and resource is your and our tomorrow.

We are more than up to date. We are ahead of the game

We follow modern trends in information and software fields to keep informed and to invent even better modeling designs.

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